Family Day Out and Couple Date

I’m glad that hubby and I can have our couple date even with Yesha in tow. What we do is just leave the little girl at the play area, availing an unlimited time, while hubby and I would roam around the mall or dine at one of the restos.

We couldn’t do it before when Yesha was little since I have to be with her inside the playroom. But now that she has exceeded 42 inches, the minimum height of kids who don’t require a guardian present, we could leave her there alone while we go about our own whims. It’s a win-win for us.

In Megamall




Yesha at Active Fun




Apart from having our date, we also like to check out the different playrooms around our area. So lately we tried Active Fun in Megamall and in BGC. Our next destination is Kidzoona at Robinsons Galleria.

Kidzoona, wait for us!

Housekeeping Therapy

I’m the type of person who focuses on the destination rather than the one who enjoys the journey. When I embark on a certain activity or endeavor, I wanted to finish it immediately or see the results as soon as I can.

One example would be my graduate study. I started last 2013 and I am itching to finish it by 2016 at the latest. In fact there was even a time during my advisement when I asked my adviser to approve my taking of four subjects or 12 units of coursework. In graduate school that’s a killer. And I was eager to undergo that just to be done with it. Then my adviser told me: “Hindi tayo nagmamadali, hinay hinay lang.”

Another very simple example would be when Yesha and I were solving a maze. Can you imagine, I was trying to look where’s the next path would be and I even looked at the end goal instead of focusing on our pen’s current path.

I am like that, from major to menial task – except for the activities I love like reading, counseling, conversing. I even had a difficulty in writing a post since I was focusing on the end result already. I want to know the beginning, the body, and the end of my article before I write, which is difficult to do. Later on I realized that writing is a process, you just let your mind take its course while you’re writing.

They say: Focus on the journey and not on the destination. Now what does housekeeping got to do with this?


I actually use it as my training to focus on the journey: focusing on the process of washing the dishes instead of itching to get all the dishes all done; focusing on folding the laundry one by one instead of growing impatient to clear the baskets out; focusing on the way the broom sweeps the floor instead of itching to see the floor shiny.

It’s not easy. I still catch a voice inside me saying: “ang dami pa…” or “skip it, do it later.” So I need a large dose of patience, a virtue that I am lacking, and of course self-control.

This housekeeping therapy, if I would be succesful with it, will help me develop patience, will enable me to focus on the journey, and most importantly will make me mindful of the present.

So… wish me success!

Zero Social Life

I miss those times when hubby and I were active in ministries in our prayer community. We were serving at the Lecom, heading young couples group, and bonding with other brothers and sisters through caring group meetings.

I so enjoyed the company and loved the meaningful and funny conversations with a small group of people. We had an active social life even when I was pregnant and even when Yesha was still a baby. But then everything abruptly changed when the little girl learned how to walk. Ugh!

We couldn’t focus anymore on having conversations because either hubby and I were busy chasing or assisting Yesha around. We had, until now, no yaya. So that was the end of our ultimate bonding with community friends.

Now our socializations with them are confined to greetings and small talks. Beso-beso, kumustahan konti, and then the end. I was dissatisfied at first because having conversations is one of the things I enjoy in life. It invigorates me!

But now it all ended. Just typing about it now made me feel sad. Thinking of having another baby makes me sadder :( Plus eto pa, most of the time our business requires OT during Sunday, so we couldn’t attend the prayer meeting din… another ugh!

I don’t know how to balance it. Is there a way? My parents-in-law are busy people in their own right, and their schedule are unpredicatable. Get a nanny? I don’t think that’s even an option.

So I guess, I just got to live with it for now. I enjoy my activities at home naman: bonding with hubby and Yesha, doing marriage counseling online, reading books, blogging, and in June, homeschooling Yesha.

My couple friends are planning to meet once a month, all of us have babies. I hope we could be consistent with it. And then I wish I could also meet with my college friends. It’s the scheduling with my in laws that seems challenging.

I really feel my heart yearning for this.I really hope it would work out.

Our Living Room

I have to admit: I’m not really aesthetically inclined. I think I wasn’t born with a knack for colors, texture, and form. That’s why I don’t trust my taste on decorating our home. So most of the time I have to check the internet to get an idea on how to spruce up something.

So anyways, I’ll still share with you our living room. Pardon the peeled off paint of our post, the little girl in the house did that.


I really wanted a minimalist living room, but it didn’t turn out that way because of the two tall plastic plants on the forefront. But I hope our living room has a feel of zen. Do you think it’s zen-like?

The colors, I think, follow zen – beige, brown, white, green, except for the curtain which seems out of place. I guess I should buy a new set of curtain.

Our living room didn’t look like this two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, there were no tall plastic plants standing beside our living room posts; there were also no pillows lying on the cream carpet. So it was pretty plain back then.

And then we had another trip to 999 mall in Divisoria, the same store from which I bought our plastic bamboo plant. I was actually meaning to buy these new items. Fortunately I got what I wanted. I shelled out 1150 php all in all – 300php for the pillows (including 6 pillow cases) and 850php for the plastic plant.

As of this arrangement, hubby and I are both happy and satisfied with the new look of our living room. But if you have a suggestion to make our sala look better, do share it :)

My Mother’s Day Highlight

Belated Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday with your loved ones! :)

Actually, I’m not really big on celebrating events,  but yesterday as I checked my Facebook newsfeed,  I decided to join the bandwagon of people greeting their moms on a very special day.

Now that my mom has recently joined Facebook, aside from greeting her and exchanging I love you’s, I thought of honoring her there. So this was what I posted:

“Just want to let the world know how blessed I am to have a loving and nurturing mom! Happy Mother’s Day to the wind beneath my wings!”


Yep, my mother is indeed the wind beneath my wings. I wouldn’t be able to wonderfully experience life and the world if it hasn’t been for her presence and love.

After honoring her with my short post, I felt great! I hope I made my mom’s heart swell with happiness – even with this simple gesture of mine. :)

However, aside from this, yesterday has been uneventful. We were prepping up to go to the mall in the evening. In fact, Yesha and I were already dressed up, but the little girl suddenly fell asleep… toinkz… so we just stayed at home.


It’s actually my fault. Hubby has been trying to pull me off the bed so we could go to the mall, but I kept on procrastinating that’s why we’ve been late. Told you I’m not big on events – boring ko noh? Hehe…

But despite that, our whole afternoon was spent cuddling, horseplaying, and laughing on our family bed. That was why Yesha got tired and fell sleepy.

But all in all, though we weren’t able to go out, it was still a great day for me. It doesn’t so much matter where we are, for as long as we’re together, that’s enough for me to feel content and happy :)

Teaching Addition While Waiting In The Store

It’s been a whole day errand with a hyper active four-year-old in tow. If you have a child at this age range – without a  yaya – I’m sure you know how it feels. Argh! It was exhausting, she kept on running to any direction where her little feet lead her. So either I or our Daddy would chase her around or would try to keep her still  in our best efforts.

So on the third part of our itinerary yesterday, we were waiting for our Daddy to complete his order in a fabric store. I took that opportunity to sit, rest, and relax even for just a little bit. Haaaays…

And then Yesha suddenly called me, “Mommy, you buy from me.” That means she wants to play bili-bilihan, where I am the buyer and she the store owner.


“Okay. Pagbilan.” I complied in my most playful tone I could summon.

“Ano yun?”

“Can I buy one mango and one banana?”

“Oh yes.” Then off she scurried to the other end of the store getting the imaginary fruits. “Here,” she said as she handed me my orders.


“How much do I pay you? The mango is two pesos and the banana is three pesos?”

Raising her right hand she counted till two, and continued by raising the left hand with three fingers sticking out. “Five pesos.”

“Okay, here’s the five pesos,” retrieving an imaginary five peso bill from my bag.

We continued playing bili-bilihan with a twist of addition until our Daddy finished his errand in the store.

Whew! I’m happy we had a quick math lesson, and happier I was able to rest for a short while. Haha!

Now on our next itinerary… we were just waiting for someone. It’s another rest for us! Yay! Without anything to do, I just snapped our photos inside the car.




Will there be many people at my funeral?


Oh, I’m not gonna die yet, as far as I know. And I’m not suffering from an incurable illness in case you wonder.

So now you might be thinking that it’s odd of me to ask this question. I maybe weird, but in truth, I’ve pondered about this. Not just once, but several times.

It actually started nine years ago when I read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. And one of the habits that the author advised is to begin with the end in mind.

If you’ve read the book you could recall how that chapter started. It began with the author guiding the reader through an imagery. The reader was then asked to imagine the people who will attend his funeral and what would they say in his eulogy.

If you’re the reader, you may ask yourself: Will your spouse tell you how loving a partner you are? Will your children tell you how affectionate a mother you are? Will your church tell you how generous a person you are?

Well that got really me thinking. But then as I think about it, beginning with the end in mind is effective when you’re creating a project, preparing a performance or planning your dreams. Talk about the effectiveness of visual imagery and law of attraction.

But will the technique of imagining what will people say in your eulogy be a good way to encourage you to live your best life? It’s like trying to live your life through the eyes of others. In my opinion, that technique will just make me image-conscious. And no, this isn’t going to work for me.

If only a few people come to my funeral, so what? If no ones gives a tear-jerking eulogy, who cares? Well, honestly I did care about it as I was influenced by this technique, but not anymore.

It was humbling to learn about St. John of the Cross, a great father of the Church, who chose to die in a place where no one knew him. He has lived a faithful and productive life.

And what about Jesus Christ? We all know all the miracles, the teachings, the healings He did. He has loved and helped greatly. But despite all that, He died grieved by few and mocked by many.

So I concluded to myself that it doesn’t matter how many people and what eulogies would be there in my funeral, what matters is that I live faithfully like St John of the Cross; and I live lovingly and generously like Jesus Christ, my Lord.

We were all put here for a certain purpose, with certain duties, skills, and talents. In the eyes of God we are all equal. So a renowned preacher is not better than a humble provincial farmer. A celebrated minister is no better than a quiet horse trainer.

So that said, I’m gonna live my life through the eyes of God and not through the eyes of men.

It’s Ok Manny :)


I wasn’t really watching the Pacqiuao-Mayweather fight, but moments ago I’ve heard shouting, and I was pretty sure it was all about this fight of the century.

Now the game is over, the decision has been made. And all around me is a complete silence. I feel a bit sad, but not surprised really.

A few days ago I asked my husband and brother about Mayweather, if Filipinos should be worried about him. Ok, I admit, I’m quite ignorant about sports.

So anyways, hubs said he’s good with the technicals, gaining almost all his wins from unanimous decisions, to which my brother agreed. So hearing this from them, I’m not surprised with the turnout of the event.

This is what sport is all about, someone wins and someone loses.

But as for Manny, oh he’s an inspiration, and he will always be. The hardwork he put, the heart he poured, the faith he held – he’s indeed worthy of respect and admiration. I’m proud of you Manny! You’ve always made Philippines proud :)


“Mommy, Daddy has a brain too?”

Yesha was doing pretend reading on the bed when she noticed me alone with my thoughts. Curiously, she asked me, “Mommy, what are you doing?”

“I’m thinking,” I replied.

“What are you thinking?” She questioned back.

“I’m thinking about your brain.” I said as a matter of factly.

“You’re thinking about my brain?”

“Yes, I’m thinking about your brain.”

Well, I was not exactly thinking about her brain, but I was really thinking about the parts of the brain that are in charge when a person is reading.

I actually researched about it but the studies were done with adults and not with children who are just learning to read. And that was exactly what I was thinking about.

I quickly figured to turn this simple mommy-daugther conversation into a simple anatomy lesson. And so I resumed our conversation telling her, “you have a brain, I have a brain, all people have brain too.”

Amazed at a new discovery, she then asked me, “Mommy, daddy has a brain too?”

“Yes, daddy has a brain too. Come on, let’s watch a video song about brains.”

And so right away, I looked for a video song about brain which she grew fond of watching. And just like that, we were able to have a quick lesson on Science. And now she knows that we all have a brain – including her daddy.


Wishful Thinking: Living a Life of Fasting


Okay. First off, I don’t mean fasting from eating but fasting from overusing technology – online forums, checking my blog stats, cheking my Facebook and email notifications.

I don’t need to fast from food since I’m the type of person who doesn’t find enjoyment from eating.

Whenever I get bored, I turn to online activities automatically. With a smart phone in hand, my fingers would tap away the sites I always visit. It’s as if they know what to do, like they have a mind of their own.

I’ve been fasting months before. I’ve read a book on fasting and applied what I learned. But then the past several weeks, it seems I’ve fallen back into my old habit again. I have to retrace my way back and continue where I have started.

I came to this thinking because I read an article and realized that I’m living a meaningful but an unhappy life. I only have one life and I want to be happy.

So I began to ponder about it, what is it that could make my life both meaningful and happy. In a flash, I knew the answer: GOD. And looking in the past, I’ve lost my resolve to pray, meditate, and read the Word – again.

Honestly, this spiritual discipline of mine is an on and off, on and off habit for me. One month I would religiously practise my discipline only to forget about it the next month. Nevertheless, I still believe that this is worth taking despite my weaknesses. So I will not tire of starting all over again.

And for me, it’s fasting that will get me back on my feet again. In the past, fasting has helped me to be more present in the moment, more focused on what truly matters in life, more appreciative, more thoughtful of God and his workings, and consequently, more happy and contented in my life.

So with that all said, I will again begin that journey today, up to the time that I need to keep on beginning again and again and again.

photo from pixabay