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The frustrated wife and the unresponsive husband

A few number of wives came for counseling because they feel frustrated and lonely to ...
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Silent treatment vs Self-Soothing

How do you and your spouse communicate when one of you is hurt and angry? ...
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Couple Problem: Contradicting financial goals

Mark and Lisa, a young couple married for two months, came to me for counseling ...
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How to cope with infidelity flashbacks

Experiencing flashbacks is one of the re-experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you ...
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3 Ways to Pray without Talking

I grew up believing that I can only pray through the use of words. That's why it's easy for me ...
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Too Controlling or too submissive – what’s your locus of control?

Are you the master of your destiny or the follower of your life's authorities? Do you feel you are in ...
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You don’t get to choose your friends

Last week I heard a talk about the importance of choosing your friends wisely and selecting the people you always ...
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How to socialize your introvert child

Some parents are concerned with their introvert kids. Their children tend to be cautious when faced with new people and ...
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What I dislike and love about motherhood

There were days when I think that I'm not for motherhood. I dislike the physical aspect of mothering -- feeding ...
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