Broken hearted husbands


For the past several weeks, I`ve been receiving FB messages and emails from husbands having a problem with their wives, who have fallen for somebody else. They felt so hopeless and helpless as they seek help from me. They would even want me to talk to their wives and would even give me the names […]

Loving my wounded, infant self


You have probably heard that the emotions of a pregnant mother affect her baby. That`s why it`s quite common to hear people advise expecting mothers: “try not to be stressed,” “be happy always,” “don`t let your problems affect you.” And on and on their well-meaning advice goes. Yet we just took this grain of truth […]

Our Rainforest trips


I`m so glad that there is a nature park in the heart of Pasig that is just a tricycle away from us. Even without our daddy driving for us, Yesha and I can go there any day and any time we like. It made it easy for us to visit the park at least twice […]

How to do BJ in the bathroom


I must confess. After six years of being married and living in our house, today was the very first time that I did a BJ in the bathroom. BJ, by the way, means Big Job. It`s another term used for general cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning or anything you want to call it, so long […]

The Measure of Motherhood


Some moms measure their own motherhood by how well they perform the nanny duties. Making sure their kids are well groomed. Making sure the kids have eaten properly. Making sure the kids are always safe. I`m not downplaying these functions as they are very important. In reality though, you can pay and hire someone to […]

I`m lacking in Assertiveness


Several months ago, I have observed that I have inner aggression. It was difficult to admit because it scared me. Howcome? When you talk to me in person, you would find me calm, warm, and friendly. Gee, I`m even aspiring to become a nurturing counselor, and yet I am aggressive. Before, I didn`t bother understanding […]

Your compliments and criticisms don`t define me


In the dance of nature, one doesn`t normally say to a bee, “Oh, you`re an excellent bee for creating such sweet honey.” No, we don`t do that. The bee is just doing what it is created for. So compliment it or criticize it, it will not be budged. It will keep on doing what it […]

Letting go of my dream and attachment


If God will tell me now to stop my master`s study, then I would do so at the drop of a hat. Or if my husband will tell me to stop because of the lack of budget, then I would do as he say. In fact, I could take his decision as one from God. […]

I named my different subpersonalities


Like many people, I have different subpersonalities in me. Those subpersonalities are identified with an emotion, attachment, traits, and disposition. There is the anxious me, angry me, thinker me, lazy me. I`m sure there are still other me`s, but I think those are my predominant traits. Everyday of my life, there is at least one […]

I think and feel I`m ugly


My lipstick and earrings are like my masks. Without me wearing these, I couldn`t look people in the eye for the fear that they could see my ugliness. When I gave birth to my daughter, I didn`t tell my friends where we were staying. I refused to receive visitors at the time as I didn`t […]