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  • The affair story : Do you need to know the details about it?

    Discovering that your spouse had an affair can be shocking and traumatizing. At the onset of revelation, you’re probably beginning to question your beliefs about who you are, who your partner is, and the foundation of your marriage. This will […]


  • What I dislike and love about motherhood

    There were days when I think that I’m not for motherhood. I dislike the physical aspect of mothering — feeding my daughter, giving her a bath, and fixing her hair, among other things. I actually envy those moms who find fulfillment doing […]


  • The nature of loneliness

    Several months ago, I wrote about feeling lonely and empty. I attributed this to the possibility of having no ministry and spiritual family. But now that I already have one, and I`m meeting new people and gaining new friends, I`m still feeling that […]