How to socialize your introvert child

Some parents are concerned with their introvert kids. Their children tend to be cautious when faced with new people and environment. During parties, they are usually the ones who stay seated with their moms while the other children were enthusiastically joining the games. And most of the times, these kids would spend more time alone, […]

The nature of loneliness

Several months ago, I wrote about feeling lonely and empty. I attributed this to the possibility of having no ministry and spiritual family. But now that I already have one, and I`m meeting new people and gaining new friends, I`m still feeling that same feeling. I realized that returning to the hustle and bustle of […]

My career is not my life`s purpose

​Ever since I finished college, the period where one experiences a quarter life crisis, I have often wondered what on earth am I really here for. And at the time, I thought that this existential question can be answered with the type of career that one chooses. Thus, this was when I used passion and […]

What I dislike and love about motherhood

There were days when I think that I’m not for motherhood. I dislike the physical aspect of mothering — feeding my daughter, giving her a bath, and fixing her hair, among other things. I actually envy those moms who find fulfillment doing these.  Sometimes I wish to get us a yaya to do the things […]

How I choose novels to read

I love reading novels. I can transcend myself through time and space. I can experience another life by living vicariously through the characters in the story. And most of all,  I get to learn more about life and human nature. But in the end, after relishing the whole story, comes another question: “What am I […]

Me and my family at Subic

Hubby has been very busy lately that he is falling short with his family time. Stressing on our business plus attending a series of seminars are filling his schedules for the past four months. I was actually fussing about it, but thankfully he decided to have a 4-day vacation at Subic last week as a short […]

Father-Daugther date: solution to my daughter’s clinginess

Yesha has always been clingy to her daddy. Whenever hubby’s at home, Yesha would often rub herself against him like a purring cat. When hubby is working on the desktop, Yesha would sit on his lap, wiggle, and squirm, until it irritates hubby. And when hubby is on our business office, Yesha would always want […]