How I choose novels to read


I love reading novels. I can transcend myself through time and space. I can experience another life by living vicariously through the characters in the story. And most of all,  I get to learn more about life and human nature. But in the end, after relishing the whole story, comes another question: “What am I […]

Stuck in the 1990`s songs


“I`ll be loving you ooh forever, Deep inside my heart you`ll live me never. Even if you took my heart, and tore it apart, I will love you still… Forever.” If you know that song we`re probably of the same age-bracket. This was sung by Damage, a national anthem when I was in grade six. […]

Indulging myself with The Voice Philippines


I’ve always wished I had a beautiful voice, but too bad I wasn’t gifted with it. I should have tried attending voice lesson back when I was young. But even then, the teacher might get her stress of a lifetime. I think I’m hopeless with singing: I always skip lines, I inadvertently make up my […]

It’s Ok Manny :)


I wasn’t really watching the Pacqiuao-Mayweather fight, but moments ago I’ve heard shouting, and I was pretty sure it was all about this fight of the century. Now the game is over, the decision has been made. And all around me is a complete silence. I feel a bit sad, but not surprised really. A […]

My Parents Disapprove Homeschooling – Now What

I just attended a Homeschooling seminar yesterday by Catholic Filipino Academy. And I felt so inspired hearing all the personal sharings and success stories of homeschooling moms whose children are now in science high schools and who are doing really well emotionally and socially. I knew that our decision is right and I felt proud […]

My Dream Photostory Book


Recently, we noticed that Yesha is becoming really fond of reading. She would request me or her daddy to read to her anytime of the day, whenever she feels like being read to. I’m really pleased with her initiative and inclination to read which is something that just occured these past weeks. I’m glad that […]

I’m a Hopeless Homemaker No More


I thought I’m a hopeless homemaker. For the first few years in building our family, I’ve struggled to keep our home tidy. I couldn’t keep a cleaning habit. I read homemaking books and articles and applied what I learned only to backslide. I just didn’t know what to do anymore. But after almost a year, […]

I’m Trying to Embrace A Life Of Writing

I envy people who loves to write, like they need it as much as they need to breathe. Although there is an inevitable writer’s block from time to time, I think that they find writing a pleasurable activity which is in contrary to what I feel about it. In graduate school where paperworks is the […]

A Reflection on Life Purpose


It was the first week of January. My friends and I were at the backseat of the car, going to Baguio. We were updating each other about classmates, friends, and people we commonly know. And right there and then, I learned about a batchmate who met a car accident that took her young, precious life. […]

Motherhood Is Like A Prison


This internal dialogue struck me to the core. It’s like someone has splashed a cold water on my face which bolted me up from my deep slumber. Similar to Georgia, the heroine in the story, there were many times when I was desperate for space, like I was drowning and gasping and I needed some […]