Our Trips to Rainforest Park Pasig


I`m so glad that there is a nature park in the heart of Pasig that is just a tricycle away from us. Even without our daddy driving for us, Yesha and I can go there any day and any time we like. It made it easy for us to visit the park at least twice […]

Grade conscious moms


Sometimes I don’t understand grade conscious moms. I encountered one mom who shared that she is conscious about her child’s grade and class ranking. She reasoned that it develops her child’s confidence in terms of achieving goals by “enforcing” a good study habit. She raised a good point about study habit, but I disagree with her in […]

Teaching Addition While Waiting In The Store


It’s been a whole day errand with a hyper active four-year-old in tow. If you have a child at this age range – without a  yaya – I’m sure you know how it feels. Argh! It was exhausting, she kept on running to any direction where her little feet lead her. So either I or […]

“Mommy, Daddy has a brain too?”


Yesha was doing pretend reading on the bed when she noticed me alone with my thoughts. Curiously, she asked me, “Mommy, what are you doing?” “I’m thinking,” I replied. “What are you thinking?” She questioned back. “I’m thinking about your brain.” I said as a matter of factly. “You’re thinking about my brain?” “Yes, I’m […]

To Homeschool or not to Homeschool?

I think I’m now at the crossroad which other homeschooler moms have crossed at one point in their lives. I am also asking the same question that they have once asked themselves: To homeschool or not to homeschool? June is fast approaching. And before I know it will be staring me in the eye. As […]

Homeschool Providers in Philippines

It’s not my idea to home school Yesha nor do I have a strong stance on it. Ever since we’re newly weds, my hubby’s mind is already nailed to home schooling our future kids. And with that, I’ve learned to program my mind and was sold to the several benefits that this type of schooling […]