I’ve stopped displaying abubots

A few years ago, two of the challenges that housekeeping presented to me were cleaning and dusting. That’s because of the abubots I displayed on our kitchen counter top, shelves, and cabinet tops. Sometimes, I didn’t even get around to cleaning it because I was already overwhelmed and tired looking at those things. Instead of […]

How to do BJ in the bathroom

I must confess. After six years of being married and living in our house, today was the very first time that I did a BJ in the bathroom. BJ, by the way, means Big Job. It`s another term used for general cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning or anything you want to call it, so long […]

This is how we organize our shoes

I did many attempts to organize our shoes. First, I bought a tall shoe rack called the amazing shoe rack. But few weeks of using it, I found out that it wasn’t amazing at all. With the price I got it, what do I expect, I got what I paid for. So I ended up […]

A new doggie in our lives

We’ve got a new family member – a beagle! One time I saw my husband checking out dogs for sale at OLX. He was just checking it out and has no intention to buy. During that time I was depressed, perhaps because of PMS or my difficult school requirements. So I joined him in browsing […]

Decorating our Home this Christmas 2015

For the past two christmas seasons, I allowed laziness to stop me from decorating our home. I made excuses such as Yesha will not appreciate it or that Yesha will just toy with the christmas balls. I believed it at the time, but now I`m not so sure if they really are valid. Sabi nga, […]

Our Living Room

I have to admit: I’m not really aesthetically inclined. I think I wasn’t born with a knack for colors, texture, and form. That’s why I don’t trust my taste on decorating our home. So most of the time I have to check the internet to get an idea on how to spruce up something. So […]

A New Bamboo Tree for our Home

Hubby and I went to 999 mall in Divisoria this month. I was glad he tagged me along with him to run an errand for our garment business. He lured me that it was our date, so I agreed though I was lazy to go. But deep inside of me, I was thinking of¬†another agenda. […]