The frustrated wife and the unresponsive husband

A few number of wives came for counseling because they feel frustrated and lonely to the in their marriage. For instance, Carmen (42) complained that her husband doesn’t listen to him whenever she air out her grievances and request for some behavioral changes. In addition, she related that her husband seems uninterested to spend time […]

Do you love your husband more than yourself?

In counseling, I’ve encountered several women who don’t know if they love themselves or not, much less identify the ways with which they are loving themselves. To them, loving oneself seems foreign, like it was the first time they’ve ever heard of it. They were the only one doing all the job in a toxic […]

“How can I help my husband change his ways?”

I need an advice. I am married for more than three years. My husband has a hobby of lying even with little things. He has also cheated on me several times. I don`t know if he is already like that even before we met or is it me who turned him into the man that […]

“My dream career or my husband?”

I am married for more than 10 yrs to a very loving husband. I’ve been working in a prestigious company. Six months ago I have been assigned here in the UK for work in the same company. This assignment has been my sweet escape and at the same time has been a dream come true […]

Common experiences of emotionally abused Filipina Wives

Spouses who are being abused by their partners are experiencing a lot of negative impact on their well-being. Among these are low self-esteem, self-doubt, and depression. In addition, most of them have been isolated from their social support that they have nobody to share their burdens with. And if they still have some, they find […]

Silent Treatment in Marriage

In marriage, conflicts and misunderstandings are inevitable. That is why conflict management through open communication is highly important for the success of any relationship. Not only does it help resolve conflict, it also increases the emotional connection between spouses. However, when one spouse is using silent treatment, the open communication, which results to emotional bonding […]