How to cope with infidelity flashbacks

Experiencing flashbacks is one of the re-experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you have experienced infidelity in your marriage, you probably find yourself struggling with this. In a flashback, you may feel or act as though the discovery day when you learned about your husband’s infidelity is happening again. One wife aptly described it this way: […]

The affair story : Do you need to know the details about it?

Discovering that your spouse had an affair can be shocking and traumatizing. At the onset of revelation, you’re probably beginning to question your beliefs about who you are, who your partner is, and the foundation of your marriage. This will be a one big emotional roller coaster ride for you where your thoughts and emotions […]

Do you love your husband more than yourself?

In counseling, I’ve encountered several women who don’t know if they love themselves or not, much less identify the ways with which they are loving themselves. To them, loving oneself seems foreign, like it was the first time they’ve ever heard of it. They were the only one doing all the job in a toxic […]

Infidelity Effect: Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

[sg_popup id=”4″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup] Once upon a time, you were living in the quiet of your own world and in the safety of your daily rhythm. Life was pretty normal, you’re normal, everything is normal. Things were in their proper places as you know it. Life for you isn’t perfect, but you’re coping well and you’re […]

Infidelity: Should You Blame the Betrayer or the Betrayed?

Is it the husband who should be blamed for choosing his actions? Or is it the wife who should be blamed for her shortcomings? Infidelity experts said that both the husband and wife are accountable for what happened in their marriage. Infidelity doesn’t happen overnight. And by infidelity, I don’t mean the philandering done by […]

“Do You Believe it? Re: Karma Of Womanizers”

Q: “Totoo bang ang karma ng babaerong lalake ay mapupunta sa anak na babae?” -abbmg, GT I’ve heard about this Filipino saying before; and honestly it worried me for quite some time. Unbeknownst to me and my younger brother, my father used to philander while we were growing up, until everything was explosively revealed when […]

Is My Marriage Worth Fighting For After He Cheated On Me?

Question: “My husband cheated on me, but I chose to stay in our marriage. But everyday, I still feel the pain. Oftentimes, I catch my myself crying when I remember what he has done to me. Is this marriage worth fighting for? Is it right that I stayed or should I move on alone?” This is […]