What I dislike and love about motherhood


There were days when I think that I’m not for motherhood. I dislike the physical aspect of mothering — feeding my daughter, giving her a bath, and fixing her hair, among other things. I actually envy those moms who find fulfillment doing these.  Sometimes I wish to get us a yaya to do the things […]

Me and my family at Subic


Hubby has been very busy lately that he is falling short with his family time. Stressing on our business plus attending a series of seminars are filling his schedules for the past four months. I was actually fussing about it, but thankfully he decided to have a 4-day vacation at Subic last week as a short […]

Father-Daugther date: solution to my daughter’s clinginess


Yesha has always been clingy to her daddy. Whenever hubby’s at home, Yesha would often rub herself against him like a purring cat. When hubby is working on the desktop, Yesha would sit on his lap, wiggle, and squirm, until it irritates hubby. And when hubby is on our business office, Yesha would always want […]

You’re no seniorita, my darling daughter


There were many times when my daughter asked me to do some things for her: “Mommy, can you please give me some water?” “Mommy, can you turn of the light, please?” “Mommy, can you clean up my toys?” And there were also many times when husband and I  endured her temper tantrums for not giving […]

Our Trips to Rainforest Park Pasig


I`m so glad that there is a nature park in the heart of Pasig that is just a tricycle away from us. Even without our daddy driving for us, Yesha and I can go there any day and any time we like. It made it easy for us to visit the park at least twice […]

The Measure of Motherhood


Some moms measure their own motherhood by how well they perform the nanny duties. Making sure their kids are well groomed. Making sure the kids have eaten properly. Making sure the kids are always safe. I`m not downplaying these functions as they are very important. In reality though, you can pay and hire someone to […]

Grade conscious moms


Sometimes I don’t understand grade conscious moms. I encountered one mom who shared that she is conscious about her child’s grade and class ranking. She reasoned that it develops her child’s confidence in terms of achieving goals by “enforcing” a good study habit. She raised a good point about study habit, but I disagree with her in […]

Kidzoona Robinsons Galleria


For the second time, we went to Kidzoona in Robinsons Galleria. During our first visit I didn’t expect it to be that expansive. It was a weekday; and there were only few people, which emphasized Kidzoona’s size. But during our second visit, a Sunday at that, the area was packed with people – kids together […]

Huling Hirit sa Tag-init


Hubby’s paternal clan has a tradition of swimming outing every summer. For the past five years, we always had it around May at Club Manila East. But this year, not only did we move it to first week of June, we also went to a different resort. My parents-in-law went to US the whole month […]