3 Ways to Pray without Talking


I grew up believing that I can only pray through the use of words. That’s why it’s easy for me to pray when I have problems, when I want to pray for something, or when I’m happy because I have a lot of things to say. But when my life is uneventful, I find myself […]

You don’t get to choose your friends


Last week I heard a talk about the importance of choosing your friends wisely and selecting the people you always hang out with. One implication of doing so is you avoid toxicity and bad influence from toxic friends. Moreso, you get to adopt the good influences from inspiring friends. These are good points. However, I […]

Lacking in Assertiveness


Several months ago, I have observed that I have inner aggression. It was difficult to admit because it scared me. Howcome? When you talk to me in person, you would find me calm, warm, and friendly. Gee, I`m even aspiring to become a nurturing counselor, and yet I am aggressive. Before, I didn`t bother understanding […]

Why You’re Not Doing Your Life Passion

People who are living out of their life passion are truly blessed. Imagine an accountant who finds balancing numbers as her playtime. I can’t imagine that. What about a salesperson who has love and knack for selling? Remove the monthly quota and put the pressure off, most likely she will just play around selling. And, let’s […]

6 Steps in Dealing With Your Perfectionist Self


Last night, my husband and I had a pseudo-psychotherapy with his struggle about perfectionism. Lately, he’s been working with a web development project, but he can’t seem to get past it. He has this ideal outcome,but since his present skill cannot meet his high standards, his perfectionist inner critic started judging him which pulled his […]

My Enneagram Personality Type – what’s yours?


I almost forgot to post my Enneagram Personality type results. Anyways have you heard about it? If not, what about Myers-Briggs or the four temperaments? They’re all tests to determine one’s personality type, and believe me, I’ve taken countless of personality tests I found online. They are all right about me, and they have all […]

A Woman’s 5Q Level

empowered woman

My friend, who is a newly wed wife, has decided with her hubby that she will be a stay at home wife just like me. Aside from her homely activities, she will also continue her volunteer works as a catechist and theater director at St. John School. But one time, she shared to me that […]

There is Meaning in Suffering

When I was in college, at a time when mending a broken heart was foreign to me, I kept on finding ways to hasten the healing process.  I was in pain and I don’t know why do I need to suffer that way. Can’t I just move on and be back to the way it […]

Emotional Vampires In Your Life

The Vampire Series: This post was taken from the talk at the Feast. In today’s pop culture, vampires are being glamorized in the person of Edward Cullen of Twilight and Stefan Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries. Who would not want having these gorgeous vampires around? But unfortunately, I’m not talking about these hotties.  I’m talking […]