Learn the Secrets of a Fascinating Wife

I love, love sharing this e-book. It has been blessing my relationship with my then boyfriend, now husband, ever since I got a hold of it. I shared it with friends, Girltalk, Smart Parenting, and Kerygma Family. And hearing the testimonies of other wives has really made me glad knowing that it’s also working for them.

Most women do not have enough knowledge on how to be a great wife, thus missing the chance to live their marriage and family life to the fullest. I didn’t know about this book too until Palou Abustan, our business instructor in our character formation seminar, shared this to us. Thank you Palou for mentioning this book during the seminar.

So to wives who are willing to improve the quality of their lives, brace yourself to the magic this book can bring in your marriage.

Below is an excerpt from the book Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood. By the way this book is only for those women who are willing to open their mind, lower their pride, and make their marriage better. This is a book that will show you how to unlock all the love and tenderness in your husband. Some principles are impractical to apply in this economy, so discern, discern, discern.


– You must have a pure intention of being a better wife when you apply the principles and not to manipulate your husband to get what you want.

– This book is only for savvy women who have  healthy self-preservation and can be hazardous to co-dependent women. In cases where husbands are abusive, addict, alcoholic, adulterous in nature or husbands suffering from personality disorder and other traumatic experiences, you should not rely solely on this book but also see a professional counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist.

Take it with a grain of salt.

This is a book you will never forget.

Be blessed!

Accept him as he is.

Look to his good side.
Don’t try to change him.
Forgive him for past hurts.
Allow him his freedom.
Compile a list of his masculine virtues.
Humbly apologize to him for your past mistakes.

Admire his masculine qualities.

Never wound his sensitive pride.
A man’s greatest need is to be admired
for his masculine qualities.
His deepest misery is to be
belittled by a woman.

Make him Number One in your life.

Comfort him tenderly when
he is tired or discouraged.
Appreciate the heavy responsibility
a man carries.
Use the great power of sympathy.
Comfort him lovingly when he
comes home weary.
Do not raise problems until after he has eaten.

Your husband’s God-given role is
to lead you and provide for you.
Allow him to do it.

Your role is to be his companion, a mother
and a homemaker.
Let him know your views, but support
his final decision 100%.
Let him worry about the finances.

Men deeply admire inner serenity
and goodness in their wives.

Your husband wants you to be a better
person than himself.
Goodness and inner serenity are required in a
woman for a man to love her deeply.
Inner serenity develops in a woman when she
becomes free of pride and self-righteousness,
always does and says the right thing, is free of
guilt, and has a forgiving heart.

Your God-given role is that of
mother and homemaker. Enjoy it.

Motherhood is the most noble
and important work on earth. Enjoy the
wonderful satisfaction of raising happy,
secure children. Men respect motherhood.
Allow time to enjoy your homemaking.
Homemaking is a woman’s
life-long career. Do it well.
Cultivate woman friends. Visit together.
Do things together. Confide in each other.
Develop your talents.
Plan your days in advance by using
a desk top calendar planning diary.

Make the most of your hair,
your figure and your health.

Your appearance is important to a man.
Most men find longer, femininely styled
hair highly appealing.
Maintain your ideal weight by regular
exercise and sound nutrition.
A lovely smile is a priceless asset to a woman.
Have your teeth looking their nicest.

Femininity delights a man,
and depending on him
arouses his love.

To be feminine and attractive to men,
do and wear the opposite to what they do.
Appear to be helpless in masculine matters.
Child-like charm in a woman of any age
is delightful to a man.
Speak cheerfully, with a melodious
lilt in your voice

To obtain your wants from your
husband, just ask with a smile, as
a young girl asks her father.

Just ask submissively, with
a smile and a please.
Your husband will love you more if you
allow him to spoil you a little.
Show feminine appreciation in
an exuberant, childlike way.

Handle anger in a feminine
and childlike manner

Men respect a spirited woman. Release
your anger as soon a it arises,
in a childlike manner.
Show anger against your husband only
when you have been clearly mistreated.
Express it in a feminine, childlike way that
allows him to feel manly and protective.

The book is also available at National Bookstore.
Title: Fascinating Womanhood
Author: Helen Andelin
Price: 335Php
This book isn’t applicable if the husband is abusive and addict, or someone who needs professional intervention.
If you’re gonna apply the principles here, make sure you also love yourself. As they say, you can’t give what you don’t have.

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